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Continuity U was created by two of the top advertisers in the continuity and subscription space. By joining forces, Peter and Nate have built the first ever course of it's kind to share the profitable secrets that top advertisers and affiliates use to make millions online.

Peter Nguyen is currently the CEO and Founder of Ad Exchange Group. He is also the Co-Founder of Push Innovation, Push Innovation Live, and Chargeback360. He has been an advertiser who has launched dozens of campaigns for almost a decade. Peter also wrote the curriculum at Accelerated Ventures, the highest-rated course at Baylor University.





Nate Lind is a managing member of HaloRiver and the founder of ADSUM, the first conference of its kind designed specifically for Performance Marketing advertisers. Nate’s background as an entrepreneur taught him how to navigate networking without a safety belt. He translates that experience into a passion for facilitating connections and providing an opportunity for networking and education to online advertisers/ owners of consumer products. As a managing member of HaloRiver, he has helped generate millions in revenue for clients selling health and beauty products online and around the world.


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